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 Carbon Bows are primative

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PostSubject: Carbon Bows are primative   Fri May 10, 2013 5:30 am

nowdays you get bows made from fiberblass and carbon fibre and other things that are considered non primative. however while thinking about it i thought about how every bow is made with carbon in it, don't belive me?... well think about this, tree's consume carbon dioxide 9-12 hours a day, and that carbon is then used in thee trees growth, so in each growth ring there's going to be a % of carbon. which could help with it's abilaty to be a bow and increase proformance? i may have got some of the facts wrong but the bottom line is that even when Otzi the ice man was making bows they contained some form of carbon. i would love to hear anyones thoughts on the subject.
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Carbon Bows are primative
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